Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drawing Diary: 2 and 3 Oktober

2 September: God is close
At the youth-café, I overheard muslim youth talk about their god, and how he is close to them. That he is a comfort for them, when they are stressed out. Right then I assumed that they had been picked up the idea of a loving and comforting close god from a series of christian youth meetings. My idea of the muslim god is that he is cold, distant and and heartless. The day after I talked with a former missionary to the middle-east, and he said that the Quran does tell that god is close, and that it is comfort. Just to state one fact: «I do not believe the christian God and the muslim god to be the same.»

3 September: God´s waking dream
For a few months ago, I had been wondering what Jesus would have dreamt about. An article in a christian magazine I read claimed that God himself was not a dreamer. He is all-knowing, all-mighty and ever-waking (Being all-knowing, or having a heart that fiercely burns with love would certainly leave me sleepless at times). For muslims, the only legitimate way to get «divine revelation» is through dreams. I believe God is wide awake when He dreams.

Well, this once I am having a geek-out about God. It happens to the most upright of believers.
Desmond Tutu seems to have written a few books about God´s dream, I don´t know if the article I read is refering to any of those books.

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