Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drawing Diary: 20 and 21 October

20 October: Every day story-day
I visited my fiend and his family today, they have two little girls. Before dinner we had to turn the livingroom upside down, a Cavia had got lost under the couch. After dinnertime my friend read them a story from the bible, and before bedtime he read a story from a Dutch storybook called "Elke dag kinderdag". After that, it was my turn to tell them a few stories from my diary, my friend called it: "Every day Jan WIllem day".

21 October: A story retold.
Today, inbetween church-services, and on a shelf inbetween many many books, I found a little Dutch children's book that had made a big change in how I look at children's literature. It is "Het onbegonnen feest" by Els Pelgrom. The book has a christian theme (Jesus coming back), but I would not have seen it if not someone had pointed it out to me. I am guessing that CS Lewis GK Chesterton had a similar experience when he read George MacDonalds books.

When my dad saw the drawing of the jumping elephant, he started talking about a manipulated photograph from 1950. The story is true, but the picture was not. Many years ago an circus elephant paniced and jumped out of a suspended monorail in Wuppertal. That's extra fun, it adds an extra dimention to the idea of "retelling the story".

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