Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drawing Diary: 4 and 5 October

4 October: The child-man
I had counted with bible-study group today, but there wasn´t any. Well … a good opportunity to work on something else. I forget what, but I listened to the last chapters of Tom Sawyer while at it. I really liked it. The boy inside of me is saying I should enjoy myself and make childlike stories and drawings. The man I want to be when I grow up, tells me to get at it and work with the things that really matter. I have not really figured out what to do with these two. Which of my stories do you like the best?

5 October: These crayons have the sweet aroma of fulfillment
Lots of small things to correct and change for our magazine Mot Målet, I end up with a considerable list of thissums and thattums to fix. My nephew Ties (2) gave me a round plastic box of crayons for my birthday last year. I am using the green and the red ones to tick off or cross out the whole list into fulfillment. Crayons smell nice.

I guess the «correct» answer to the Child-man fix, firstly, is to somehow be both mature and still keep the child inside of you, and let it come out. Secondly, to find out who to show my grown-up side, and who to show my childlike side. The last one get´s to be about trying to prove myself, and about who I dare to trust.

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