Friday, October 12, 2012

Drawing Diary: 8 and 9 October

 8 October: The birthday girl
We sent another issue of our magazine Mot Malet to the printer, These days are always stressful, and many small and final desision had to be made. After all was sent and delivered, the the whole department was invited home to Anita. She had turned 50 a few days ago. We could let go of all the work-stress, and eat pizza together and pet the big dog we had heard so much about.

 9 October: Chicken pox
The printer was not happy with the files we had sent them the day before, and we had the morning to change a couple of things in the magazine. An extra day to work on small corrections made a big difference for us. After we put a red crayon-dot or a check at everything that had to get changed, the magazine look like it could have the chicken-pox.

The diary entries might look a bit different for the rest of the month. I am away from my usualy office setup, and trusty design-Mac. That's what can happen in life, another little charm of writing and publishing the diary.

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