Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drawing Diary: 11 and 12 November

I did not go to church. In the evening we started talking about the difficulties of living in a foreign culture. After a while the talk changed towards church-cultures. The girl asked me what the «fire» was that kept me going, through all the difficulties. I told her of the tough time I had between 2006 and 2009 when I was sick. It was a very confusing time, and when I no longer wanted to understand my situation I was left with the deep trust that God is good. This is my flame.

12 November: long distance love.
I am the only Dutch expat at this Norwegian YWAM-place. I have very little contact with the YWAM-people in the Netherlands. The lady at their personnel-department sends me a birthday cards and an occasional greeting card at odd times, often when they have been praying for me. That is always encouraging. They had a very unique text on the card this time. Funny. Once every other year I go visit them, and we talk about how I am doing.

This crayon thing is really working out.
Nice bright color, easy to use and zero drying-time.
The ink was still wet when I wiped over the right drawing, now Elifaz has an «evil-eyebrow».

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