Friday, November 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 13 and 14 November

13 November: All in the same boat, some of us longer than others.
While biking down to the café, I prayed to God that He would show the kids that us christians who work there need Him just as much (we tell them) they do. It showed that the youth in one of the churches had gotten really disappointed when they saw that their own youth-leader´s lives were not adding up to the ideal they  preaching. Honestly, I rather write good or funny stories about myself, I want people to be encouraged by them.
«Incidentally» another girl asked me to tell a story of when I was sixteen, and I could not think of one that made me look good, so I told about the one time I bit the neck of a beer bottle.

14 November: Bone
Yesterday I borrowed the last three Bone books (nr. 7-9) from the library, I read the seventh yesterday, and the final two today. I have a Norwegian translation of the first six books. These books are great inspiration to make something myself. Jeff´s style has imperfections, but that only makes it more beautiful. 

Ok, I made the little blooded beer-bottle look a bit more dramatic than how I remember the thing happened. As I remember correctly, I only bled a trickle. But I still have a small scar in the corner of my mouth.
I think telling embarrassing stories is a  typical American thing. It seems to me that the Dutch and the Norwegians I met are not so fascinated by tell embarrassing stories.

Just wanted to let you know how much I like the coloring and the backgrounds in this comic-book.

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