Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 23 and 24 November

23 November: «Engle-kringle»
I had another run at doing Norwegian baking. I had thought that I sou´hould either make gingerbread cookies or Norwegian kringle. I ended up with making them both. We made so much dough that we ended up with three kringle, and three extra breads. One of the kringle we covered with gingerbread angles. We made so much gingerbread dough that there were enough gingerbread-men for the saturday-coffee. Making twice as much, means I ended up working twice as long.

24 November: Riding shotgun to Chicken-falls
After a short night, I joined a couple of friends for a trip to "Hønefoss", They wanted to The English translation of this place-name is something like: "Chicken-falls". One of my friends needed driving practice. In Norway you can practice driving for your license with a shotgun teacher (someone who sits next to the driver) who is over 25 and has had a license for at least five years. That was me, since I got my license in 2001. Because of all the unnecessary delays during the trip we did not make it back in time for dinner, and I got rather grumpy. I like to keep things moving.

Here´s the whole kringle-somethingle,
padded with gingerbread-angles.
All the angels got their eyes, smiles and buttons afterwards.

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