Thursday, November 29, 2012

Drawing Diary: 25 and 26 November

25 November: Angel buttons
Skipped church again, I have been very tired and a bit down. I was my turn today to both make dinner and do the dishes. We also served the gingerbread-angel-kringle that we baked on friday. Two hours before serving, we put the eyes, smiles and buttons on the gingerbread-angels. I think the whole thing turned out really well, a few days later someone told me, he was still thinking about this kringle.

26 November: Now we are talking (them, not me)
We had a staff-meeting for Café UNO. The bad news is that both the visitor count and the turnover has gone down. I guess, the move to the new place has something to do with this. I do not know yet what plans we can make to make things good again. Some good news is that the small-groups with the teenagers seem to do good. One of the teenage girls in the group said she actually had been sitting down with her parents and talk with them. Instead of ignoring them the whole day or shout. … Improvement!

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