Friday, November 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 November

27 November: Café talk
Café time, and I was rather tired when I got up in the morning. I took a nap before I biked down to the café today. We have a american girl working at the café that has come to town to learn Norwegian. At the café I am not too busy, so we have time to practice Norwegian together. It would have been a lot easier for her if she knew Dutch, so many of the words are the same. After closing time we stood outside the café for five minutes and exchanged German-teacher stories with the Norwegians.

28 November: A heartful of thankful
I guess contentment never comes naturally. I had a talk with LK about YWAM-life. The first years I was working with YWAM I was very happy that I was living in a place with just good christian people. Now I have lived in christian communities for more than five years, I want to bust the ghetto and live in normal society. Just to make sense to the world outside. Thinking back, I don´t know what would have come of me if I would not have started working with this christian organization. Now, when I have it so well, I keep on wanting something more and something different. When will I be thankful?

I had this otter-stamp on my desk for about a week, just to look at it from time to time. I just liked it so much. So, now I put in my diary, why not. While I was painting them, I remembered a little illustrated book we had at home, about otters. I remember I really liked it, because the otter was killing some other animal I think. I was the only book that showed animals fighting and getting killed. That was a big thing for a little boy.


Charne aka Meisie said...

I am so happy to hear that you will be continuing your diary (or rather do a new one!) next year.

Jan Willem Middag said...

Hello Charne, I am indeed planning to do a weekly drawing for the year to come. I have bought the book and the materials for it, at least. In the holidays I hope to set "the rules" for the book.
One thing I learned is that is it is far better the to "share life" than to "share stories". The first one is a lot more valuable.