Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drawing Diary: 3 and 4 November

3 November: Not prince-charming perhaps.
Community-dynamics are the weirdest when you try to explain them. After the homedays-thing the single guys decided to have a guys-party and make pizza. And the single girls were going to have their party and do foot-baths, face-masks, manicure-ish things and eat carrots. After we finished our pizza´s, the front door burst open and the idea to join the girls party walked in. Guys are the bravest when they gang up, so everyone-except-one crashed the girls-party. Wether they had been praying for prince charming I do not know, but our sudden appearance must have made us look like the seven dwarfs.

4 November: I feel sick
Last night, I drank so much coffee that I did not get to sleep until very very late. I got up early enough to not be late for church, but too early to be really awake. The kids were running the church-service today, so that kept me awake. I don´t know wether it´s the decrease of daylight, but I have been pretty tired for a whole week now. No fun being sick.

On the topic of "The seven dwarfs", there is a German film-adaption of the popular folk-tale, that made it to be the 4th most popular movie in all of Germany. The prequel (in German) is fun too.

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