Sunday, November 4, 2012

Drawing Diary: 30 and 31 October

30 October: I crossed a black labrador dog
I flew back to Norway in the evening, and got to meet up with my brother at the airport. In Oslo airport, at the baggage-belt a drug-dog sniffed me out and soon after the people at the customs searched through all my luggage, that was not a fun experience. I didn´t have drugs on me of-course. I had been quite tired the whole day. When I sat in the train back home I found out that my bank card was no longer in my wallet. This was too much "bad luck" for one day.

31 October: Home-days
Elsewhere in the world, people celebrate reformation day, or halloween. Here at Grimerud we had our first day of "home-days". Everyone who works and lives here gets together for a few days, and we take good time to be together, hear from each-other, to pray, and process things about the whole community. It´s very different from year to year. It wrecks up a nice work-week, but it is so good that we have to do it more often.

I have worked in prison in the Netherlands for a short while, more than ten years ago. Then we too had to check every inmate on drugs every time one had a visitor. It was never fun for us to do those checks. This time I was beside myself for longer than I had expected, maybe it´s the darkness too. Or something. I still feel a bit sick most of the days.

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