Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drawing Diary: 5 and 6 November

5 November: Jonah is upset with God
First workday after my furlough and the Homedays. I am making Children´s pages again for our YWAM magazine. And chop chop like Tschakko, I don´t have a lot of time. We are going to be in chapter 4 and the Ninevites had heard what was coming for them. They changed their ways, God relents and Jonah gets upset. I usually make a tag-line first, and do the rest form there. It´s still a mysterious process, like flipping over every word and sentence time after time. For now, I am going for: "God already had a better plan".

6 November: It´s getting gently serious about drugs here.
Café UNO has kept brewing while I had been gone. We have been a drug-free Café all along and now we met up with the police to talk about a drug-prevention, and how to recognize kids on drugs. Too bad I missed out. Well, here´s the resolution. We are going to be talking with everyone that walks in under influence. Tell them it´s not cool. When they are under 18 we will call their parents and get them to fetch them from the Café, we will also inform healthcare-ish people that can follow them up. Concrete measures, but we don´t want them to ruin their lives. And it´s plain illegal.

Hey, maybe I can make some no-snarky "say no to drugs" poster for our Café.
Hey, maybe I can have loads of time, and I still have to finish (I mean … start) this card for a little 12 year old friend that just got diagnosed with a cancer in is his back.
Hey, I don´t mean to say: lookatme, how such a goodie-nicey-upright picture I make of myself (which I do). But, hey there´s so much positive stuff I can do, maybe.
I probably should tell the kid about when I was very sick myself, hope that´s going to be a bigger encouragement.

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