Monday, December 3, 2012

Drawing Diary: 1 and 2 December

1 December: The little market with the two radiant faces.
We (six people) slept in the forest last night, by the lake. We did it because we could, and just to be together some more. Do stuff together. At ten in the morning I had to be back in Hamar, for Café UNO´s christmas market. They woke me up 09:30. I rushed home, out of the forest, I had a really good hot shower, and then biked down to the café, arriving at 10:15. The market in the backyard started at twelve, it was small and cold, but there was a huge atmosphere, both outside and inside. The local "folkehøyskole" was there to play christmas songs for two hours. Everything was rush-rush, so I had no time for a break until just before five. This was another super-day!

2 December: No cake, No cry
Another good number of good conversations today. I like this place so much. I don´t have time to tell you about it, so I will tell you something else. On friday, I made two cheesecakes for today´s dinner. But only a little scrap was left when I looked in the fridge today. There had been a conference here in the weekend, and my guess is that someone running the kitchen had put the cakes out for the participants. Well, bless them with it. I don´t have the time to get upset about missing cakes, so we fixed some traditional rice-cream with strawberry-sauce instead. And we were just as happy for it.

All of Scandinavia has entered the advent-time, where they count down the days to christmas. I am counting down the days to the end of this year. I am so ready to be done with this diary. It starts to feel like homework. Everything has been so busy and stressful, that I don´t feel christmassy at all.

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