Thursday, December 13, 2012

Drawing Diary: 11 and 12 December

11 December: Kult og Kjipt
A friend and her three daughters had made a surprise package for the mail-man. Just, to make his day. The package had hand-made cards and gingerbread-men in them, and was taped to the mail-box when the mail-man found it. The day after, the mailman had a thank-you card for them.
Another thing they started doing is: «Kult og kjipt» (Cool and not-cool), with every dinner, all the members of the family share about something that was cool, and something that was not cool.

12 December: 12:12 12.12.12
At the historical time of twelve past twelve today, I sat at the local café/bookstore with the good people of my department. Earlier on our quarterly outing we dropped by two galleries, one fish-store, one frame-fixer.
My favorite book in the store was "hvor er min søster?" by Sven Nordquist (the Swede who draws Pettson and Findus).

I think I am going to do a «Kult og Kjipt» thing for the drawing-diary of next year.
Next year I will do only one drawing per week, so I can spend more time on other important things, and hopefully make bigger drawings. I already bought a book and colored pencils for it. The book has more than 52 pages, so I have the chance to add some extra special moments.
The positive and negative elements of the «Kult og Kjipt» give great potential for interesting combinations within the illustration.

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