Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drawing Diary: 13 and 14 December

13 December: Rhythms for "the good life"
Some moments are just "meant to be". This evening had such a moment. I ended up in a very good conversation with someone who I had kinda tried to avoid. When we suddenly met, we shared about our daily lives as christians (Not all christians in Norway do this as much as they would want to). It will be very good for me pray and read my bible with the same regularity that I have had with these diary-entries, to start the day well.

14 December: How globalization makes me feel, at times
Geez, a school massacre in Connecticut, and I was at the christmas party of Café UNO. If I can find it "a challenge" to choose what to write about from all the things I can experience in one day of my life, then what about something like this, that is outside my life, and so much bigger. (stopped for a moment to pray for the families and everyone involved, ended up talking with a friend for an hour, about this and other things) I feel  that I am obligated to respond when something like this happens, and do the "right christian thing". Even though I am praying for them, I do not feel involved.

Bible reading and prayer are not the things I can do to "earn my wings". I do them to make myself available for God to work in me and through me. Doing this early in the morning, will be a good start for the rest of the day. Doing this early in the morning all the time is going to be difficult. I expect this to be a lifelong process.

Even the massacre at Utøya last year, I have forgotten so much of. And most of Norway with me. I don´t know wether there has been a lasting change in the people of Norway since after Anders´s trail. Maybe we have gotten too much of a habit of "letting others to themselves". Not good.

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