Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drawing Diary: 15 and 16 December

15 December: SNOW
We got a thick layer of snow today. I had some very good talks with people, but no energy to talk about them. Here´s a snowman instead.

16 December: FIGHT
After I woke up, the guys invited me to join the snow-fight on the kindergarden-grounds. The grounds are a big slope, with a tent on the top. We ran around the tent and around each other. After one hour of tumbling through the snow, I had to calm down, and gave a hand to the people that were building snowmen on our front lawn.

Whao, this must been one of the funnest designs I have made in this book.
I am going to miss do this thing every day in the next year.
I just love it how the titles of the titles are worked into the illustration, and how there is a small progression in both the images and stories.
More often than sometimes, life is fictional.

I am looking forward to make one or two comics next year.
I am planning to do at least one.


Marianne Leonora said...

oh I hope you will start to blog again after a while. I will really miss your posts and drawings.


Jan Willem Middag said...

I am definitively not going stop blogging, it´s too much fun.

It is going to be a weekly thing, rather than a daily.
I have been spending a lot of time alone on this, and I don´t think that has always been good. I am going to keep on being creative, hopefully more together with people, rather than just by myself.
Life first, then pictures.

Marianne Leonora said...

Oh, good to hear! :-)