Thursday, December 20, 2012

Drawing Diary: 17 and 18 December

17 December: The one teapot rule.
I like a company of three or four, and not a single more. We had a game-night at "the little house on the lawn". The living-room was packed, so as soon as I got myself a cup of coffee, I snuck into the kitchen. There were only two people sitting there. In group of more than four people get very quiet, and just sit back (eat all the snacks) and dream away. Three around the kitchen table was the perfect company, we had a very enjoyable conversation from anything between Cinderella to Northern Pike.

18 December: My last café-shift for this year.
It´s still a 5+ km ride to Hamar, and I was not in time today to get a car for this. Probably because many of our people are using the cars for "driving home for christmas". So I grabbed my bike, and pedaled down to town for the last time this year.
We were super happy with a big rush of school-kids we had never seen before. Today, the weather was good, the exams were over and most kids had already gotten their Christmas holiday.

The most typical thing happened when the gamers invaded the kitchen to pull a splinter out of someone´s foot. They were making a lot of noise, while us around the table were looking at it in silence. We started talking again after they left and the whole operation was over.

I have no idea what they call this kind of book, but it looks like nifty idea for next years weekly illustration. This way, I will have over fifty illustrations to mix and match.
I just keep finding myself going for a complex solution, instead of an easy one.
It´s my designer personality.

Lastly, Studio Espinosa has made a fun picture-book I would like you to see.

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