Saturday, December 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 19 and 20 December

19 December: Beefing up the winter-storage.
Grimerud got another big meat delivery today, boxes upon boxes with hamburgers,. Burgers produced for some american type fastfood chain here in Norway. And we got loads of canned chicken meat on top of that. Looks like we are going to have enough proteins stored up until springtime. I am amazed to think that all of this would have been thrown away otherwise. That would be such a waste.

20 December: Ninja the stocking
I was trying to get a stocking-gift by means of cheating. We have twentyfour stockings (cloth-bags) hanging from a wreath over the fireplace in the dining-hall. During the whole advent-season, the kitchen-staff tapes a little note with the number of the date under one of the dinner-plates. Whoever picks the plate with the note, gets to pick one stocking.
My plate had a blank note taped under it. So, when no-one was looking, I gave it a number 20, and presented it.
In the end, justice was done, and I confessed that I had made a false claim on today´s piece of chocolate.

For those that can´t read my smudged handwriting, I gave the ninja-bird a funny line to sing, it goes: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells ROCK, no you are not, watching the SOCK." And the little mouse with the woolen hat says: "… sock?"

One of the clues they brought up to uncovering me as a number-fraud, was the fact that I have been reading "Tom Sawyer" in the last four months.
That is just as ridiculous as suspecting me of smuggling marihuana because I got on a plane in Amsterdam.

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