Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 21 and 22 December

21 December: Where the wild ostrich walks
It was my last workday of 2012 and I was working on one of the last children´s pages about Jonah.
We are in chapter four and Jonah is sitting outside the city Niniveh in a little shelter made of leaves and twigs. The challenge with this scene is, that there will is not so much "material" lying around to make an interesting puzzle page that looks like the previous six pages I made.
It´s not the end of the world, I decided to draw a bunch of ostriches, they live in the desert. 

22 Decmeber: Donkey-service
Today is the darkest day of the year. At this place, we still get daylight from around seven to four (I did not get exact data on this). I went shopping car-parts with a friend. Neither him nor his wife has a Norwegian drivers-license. They are expecting their first child on the 25th, and I am on standby to drive then to the hospital when the baby comes. I am Exciting!

I started designing the children´s pages about Jonah in one style, with the same kind of puzzels and layout. So even when it is more than one year ago that I made the first one, I still have to make them look he same.
I am planning to show you guys all of this years drawings about Jonah here. I just have to get done with these diary-entries first. In the meantime, all of them are available for download at Chris and Øystein´s website here (the series about Jonah start from issue #4 in 2011).

Even though I like this way of "telling" the bible-stories, I am always looking for new designs to work with. Marc Boutavant has a very cool and fresh style that I can learn a lot from.

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