Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 23 and 24 December

23 December: Sleep, eat, play
I did not get to bed until early in the morning, because I was watching a 6 GB download that got stuck every five minutes. I woke up just before the others had cooked dinner. After dinner we played three rounds of "BANG!". During vacation-time I usually stay up very late and sleep in until the afternoon. That´s alright, but my bible-reading and prayer-life go out the window too. And I can feel that i get a little more restless and chaotic. This year, I am doing these diary entries too.

24 December: Dashing through the snow
I spent christmas eve with a family down the street. He is Norwegian and She is American, they have four kids. His sister + boyfriend had come over too. Here´s what we did: Eat rice-porridge; Play in the snow (see drawing); Open gifts; Eat christmas dinner together (turkey); play with the gifts and watch the movie "it´s a wonderful life". I cracking the nutcracker and broke the wooden moose I got as a present.

Last year I felt like Santa, I had grown my beard and dyed it.
This year I felt like a reindeer running out of christmas-magic.
Me and the other guy were pushing two of the little girls around on the snow-shoveler for ten minutes. Then I need fifteen minutes to get my breath back afterwards.

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