Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drawing Diary: 27 and 28 December

I mixed up the days and had to put this entry two days too late,
this is the entry for the 26th)
26 December: Rasta-Doodling
It´s vacation time, and I´ve got some time to practice drawing. I am still drawing little black boys with dreads. for a children´s that maybe someday might get published. Having "something" to practice for is a lot better than just sitting back and doodling whatever I think looks nice. 

28 December: The first day of a whole new life.
Here´s the text message that I got around half past eleven: "Finally my baby girl came out at 10:56 am. My wife really did a great job. Thank you for your prayer, and thank you Lord for your gift in our life." The same evening me and three others visited them at the hospital, to congratulate them and see the tiny little miracle, only ten hours old.
Her first day is now written down in this diary-book. But even before today, all the days of her life have been written down in Gods book (Psalm 139:16).

Here is the little miracle many of us have been expecting.
Her name is Khusi Lenea, and both her parents are from Nepal.
Watercolor and pencils are the best to draw the tenderness of newborn babies.

I borrowed my camera out to the happy couple of new parents.
So, for once I scanned the pages from the diary.

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