Monday, December 31, 2012

Drawing Diary: 29 and 30 December

29 December: Home again.
After work today, I drove back to the hospital to pick up the fresh father I have been helping out for the last few days. He needed to be home to take care of a couple of things, now that the mother and daughter were doing fine by themselves. It is more than half an hour drive between here and the hospital. At Grimerud, live enough new families and first-time parents that can share their experiences and advice with them.

30 December: Festival food
The New Years-festival is running at Grimeud, with a total of 150 people involved, mostly teenagers. For this festival, we are working together with Kristenrussen. I am helping out in the kitchen to prepare their breakfasts and lunches. These are busy shifts, the day starts at eight and is over around three. Almost a normal working day. Yesterday I got blisters on my feet from all the running and turning around the kitchen floor.
I the evening, I started planning the diary-rules for next years book, one more day.

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