Friday, December 7, 2012

Drawing Diary: 5 and 6 December

5 December: Response
Straight after dinner I joined a friend on a little "team trip" to a place two hours south of where we live. She was going to teach about worship in a small group of young christians. She came with some pretty concrete advices, like: "Worship is not a feeling, but a response", and something like: In worship-songs, we thank God for what He is doing in our lives that day. For me, this diary-book is something very similar.

6 December: Whistle while you work
Some people passionately talk about great visions and dreams, and kick up big storms to get the done. Others smile to the winds and quietly work on all the stuff they enjoy doing. I am certainly in the last category. This was one of of the takeaways from the work-evaluation I had today.

I like the steady kind of projects to work on, like this diary-blog thing. Slowly eking out day after day. Or like working on five issues of the YWAM magazine every year. Last week we finished working on the last issue for this year. And the 14th issue that I have been involved as a graphic designer. This year we made one issue fewer because of the big event surrounding the Olympics in London.

The magazines are the staple of our design-work here, and then we do lots of other different things in-between. For example, it´s been the third year now, that I made a christmas-gift brochure for YWAM Norway. The guys were so happy with how it looked like, that they decided to get it printed in town.

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