Monday, December 10, 2012

Drawing Diary: 7 and 8 December

7 December: Tiger prints
Guys like to talk about technology. Our office printer was giving us trouble today. All the color-prints had extra yellow stripes on them. Everything looked tigerish, and there was a long list of important documents to print. We callled our supplier to send a service-dude to come and fix it. The supplier sends a different dude every time. Today he came within a few hours, and "caught the tiger" within an hour.

8 December: Addiction - Workaholic
Someone's computer crashed, and now she is using my my office and computer to finish a project when I don't need to be there. It's bad, that I don't know what to do when I am "forced out" of my work-place for a few evenings/nights. Wether I call it work, play or passion, it shows that I am "dependant" of sneaking out to my work-place for a few hours after dinner. It felt much the same as the first time I "had to" log out of Facebook for a whole week.

Now that I couldn't post these entries from my work-computer, I had to get my own laptop working and upgraded. My home laptop is from 2007, and rather slow. Inbetween all the updates and uninstalling, I made a decent beginning of this "julebrus" drawing:

Advanced Norwegian culture: Discovering your favorite "Julebrus",
and voting for it in the annual Julebrus-of-the-year-competetion.

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