Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mixable week 4: Somewhere out there

In the beginning of the week, I watched "An American Tail" together with Pantxi, We just like that movie so much. For different reasons. She liked the soundtracks, and tried to sing along with most of them. I had 

to shed a little tear watching the beautiful backgrounds in the movie. Especially the intense orange/yellow sparkly ones when Feivel drifts into America in a bottle and at the end when the whole family reunites.

This week (and last week), I had the "fire-phone" and "locking-round".
This means that I have to lock all the doors and turn off all the lights every evening. I also have 

to stay close to Grimerud, in case something sets off an fire alarm. On sunday, it was me who set off the fire alarm.
I had been making dinner for 150 people and too much steam had come free when I pouring off the water for the boiled vegetables.
When the red alarm-bells started ringing everyone ran out on the snow-covered lawn,
one person barely made it out of the shower.

Looks like I am getting this watercolor-pencil thing down, The drawings get to look very vibrant very quick, so I have to be extra careful with how much I use.
Here´s the theme-song for "An American Tail".

And here´s a good TED-talk about "the danger of one story", where a Nigerian author talks about the biasses of only knowing one side of a story, and presuming that one side is the only true side.

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