Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 1 2013: My new year´s resolutions

(This format of weekly drawings showed not to be working for me, firstly because the paper in the book was of the wrong quality, and secondly because I felt that one page per week was too little content to give. I will keep this one page on the blog, you can stay up to date with "Mixable 2013" here.)

My resolutions for this year is to "get a life" and get out more to spend time with friends, instead of staying in and making pictures by myself. Many illustrators are a little socially challenged. 
I also see the need to start every day right with making myself available for God to change me and guide me. This instead of rushing into the day with bare time for breakfast. I started a devotional that I brought with me from the Netherlands.

The typical thing happened, that it the first days started really well, while it still was quiet around. Then there started a big staff conference here at Grimerud, and I got quickly swallowed up in all of that business.
Most of all the 350 co-workers, missionaries and students have left, and life is getting it´s normal rhythm back. A new week will give a new chance to keep working on my resolutions.

Happy new year, and good to see you in 2013!
I am using a new book and a new format. This year, I am going to do a weekly thing.
But … when I am started to put the ink and the watercolor on the paper, it just ran all through and bleed a lot. So I can´t use this book like this.
I finished it with a blue ball-point pen and crayons, just to finish the picture.
So, either I will get a better book, or find a different way of working with it.

See you next time, keep well!

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