Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ik ben vandaag zo droevig

In memory of Harald Siepermann (1962-2013)

I heard the news that Harald Siepermann had passed away this saturday.
After Herman van Veen, Harald has been the creative mind behind the character of Alfred Jodocus Kwak, and everyone else in "Waterland". Alfred (the yellow duckling with the red knitted scarf) is the protagonist of the Dutch/German children´s animation series that I used to watch when I was less tall.
On TV, Alfred was a philosophical little duck, and with everything he saw and did, he asked himself "why?", and "is this right?". Even after one of his creators has passed away, I hope that everyone, like Alfred, will keep on giving and caring until there is nothing left to give.
Especially when you confess to be a christian.

Profits of the shows went to UNICEF, and many of the stories that Alfred got himself into dealt with poverty, injustice, apartheid, acidic rain or whaling.
Such a difference from the animation-show that we get to see now.

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