Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mixable week 7: On the ice

The farmer and the IT-dude have made an small ice-rink, twenty-five paces down from my office door.
It is only big enough to be used for small children and a curling-competion. After dinner when daylight was quickly disappearing, I tied under my ice-skates 

to practice keeping my balance and making fast turns before the edge of the rink. My moves have the grace of a crane, as it has been many years since last time I skated. But it is fun. Especially when my friends join and shoot through the evening light like swallows (plus one ptarmigan).

A group of 29 youth has been visiting Grimerud this week. They are "Russ" (graduating high-school) this year and Christians. "Russ-time" is a Norwegian thing where the high-school graduates get three weeks for outrageous parties and dares (often sponsored by their parents). They say it´s tough for them to be christian in that time, and that is why YWAM and Laget work together to help them

to make a positive difference for their class-mates. From the meeting they had at Grimerud this week, they actually flew out on short missions-projects in Kenya, Tanzania and "a country somewhere in Central-Asia". That´s a lot more character-building than getting yourself smashed for three weeks in a row.

Meanwhile in a hospital-room in Bergen, LK´s fever has gone down and his blood is getting stronger. This means he is making a recovery from the leukemia that returned for two weeks ago. LK is very encouraged by all the support. Many people pray for him and his family.

This year´s first issue of our magazine Mot Målet has come from the printer, this time they interviewed me about the drawing-diary-project I did in 2012. And I still get to make "children´s pages" for the magazine. I hope to post about both of them in a couple of days.

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