Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mixable week 11: Fail boldly

I would always like to tell you encouraging stories from my week …
Most mornings, I rush out into the day to half-sincerely be as good as I can be, but I don´t make it. And I don´t like to think of it, and I don´t like to talk of it. That I can´t make the kind of drawings that I would really like to make, I really don´t care about. I need Gods help in my life more than I am letting you know, it is humiliating

to keep facing and showing my own failure. Instead I show you the trivial events of the week. To me, God is always bigger than everything I can write and draw about in this book. It is a good thing. His goals for me are also bigger than my own, and I need his grace and forgiveness every day to reach them.

Here is the little five minute podcast that sparked the above entry. I didn´t really know what to draw to this entry, and I was running out of time, so I just drew a mouflon. hope you like it, hope you get it.

Someone asked me this week, who Jesus was for me. I have met him the deepest in the times that I fought a exhausting skin-disease. these fights have been very defining moments in my faith. They did not make me doubt whether God was real. Jesus is the son of God, and everything else I regularly read about Him in the bible. Because I have met Him so deeply when I was sick, I got

to know him well as the one who suffered in my place. But I, as everyone, have to be aware to look past my own ideas and experiences of Him, and see all of His character. Even more than "the man of sorrows", Jesus is the one who has won over death and can give us new life.

This second entry is a tough one, and a deep one, but this was what I wanted to remember from the last week. Trying to make a good picture to it was a bit tricky, and it is not very often I draw a sad one.

At work we are still busy with the second issue of Mot Målet, articles are starting to drip in  and I even had the time to do an illustration for one article. There will be no children´s pages in the next issue of the magazine. We first need some time to figure out what kind of content we want to make for the next while.

The Grimerud-DTS has come back from their mission-trips to Thailand, Tanzania and Poland/Ukraine. Today, they got their diploma´s. With every DTS, it is good to see how they get to know God more personal.

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