Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mixable week 12: Fire on the ice

Sunday evening, we took a trip out on lake Mjøsa, to have ourselves a little fire. We had "pinnebrød", which is bread-dough wrapped around a stick.
Although we had walked almost a kilometer out on the ice, it was still thick enough

to hold the weight of all of us and the campfire. For the next weekend we planned to make an igloo on the lake, but that will have to wait for next winter.

On thursday, I  joined "Kreative UNO" at the youth-café I work on tuesdays. We painted and drew on easter-eggs, and some other different kind of things. little flags and cards. Some of our muslim friends were not used

to painting chickens-eggs and blowing them out. Their eggs got nice smiles on them. The same evening, we also started to write our names on our new family tree. It took a half year to get done with that.

Illustrator interview of the week: Ronald Searle (90)
Dunno, posting this might mean that I see myself do illustrations until the day I die or something. Searle died a year after this interview.

This is what the fire-on-ice looked like for real.

This is the only easter-egg I drew this week.
With UNO´s known Jesus-face design.


John Christian Fjellestad said...

It was really cool Easter egg! The best I've seen.

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you. I guess, once I got the idea, it was an obvious choice to do an egg like this for our café.