Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mixable week 13: Calm and Breezy

This sunday was the first time I had sushi I think.
Some friends had invited me 

to it after the church-service. Back at Grimerud they were running Easter-festival for teenagers.
Once that was done, most people left for a week of vacation, and it got very quiet here.

I stayed at Grimerud during the easter-break. It was the most wonderful weather, so most of the Norwegians were out in the mountains to go skiing. I am such a high church-kid, that I felt I had to attend a service on Good Friday. My own church did not have a service that day, so I visited one of the old churches close by. They were going

to have a musical meditation, with classical guitar and pan-flute. The priests read from the bible in between the performances. It was especially the pan-flute music that gave this dark day in the church-year a calm and breezy feel.

He is risen, Happy Easter!

The last Pan-flute piece that was played in the Good-friday service was Cavatina from Stanley Myers.
It made it easy to imagine Jesus being at peace with God the father, even in the moments brutal suffering of that friday.

This week we are doing the last work on our magazine, after a very quiet week of Easter-vacation. I did a lot of drawing in this week, mostly for myself, and some commission-work too.
Here is one personal piece:

Jesus in Gethsemane

The master-penman

Here is an inspiring little video of someone doing amazing work with pen and ink.
I double agree with him that art, like this, is deeply personal. Like an handwriting, I think that you can also recognize most of my own drawings by the linework.
The things we make, for as long as they last, show a side of the one who made it. Usually a side they want you to see. But you will see the whole of an artist´s character when you get to know him personally. Spend much time with him. God is like that too, I believe.

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