Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mixable week 14: VårRock at Café UNO

Café UNO was part of hosting this years Vårrock concert/festival. On friday-evening we had performances by Kid Exodus and Casa Murilo (on the drawing). On saturday we had Ted Glen Extended and Unnveig Aas in the afternoon, some local school-bands play their metal in the evening.
You can imagine that we were very happy

to get some more local people visit the café for this event. Always good with live music and more visitors.

I borrowed out my sketchbook for an evening on saturday. A friend in a hurry wanted to show it to her friend. They didn´t have time to look through the whole thing, so they got to take it with them. My sketchbook is a very personal item, it´s like a graphic diary with lots of visual cues. It´s not too personal that I don´t show it to other if they ask

to see it. But being without it for a few hours felt like a child of mine had left for a sleep over. For the first time. A child that I had shared good moments with, and told my favorite stories and sentiments.
And because this "child" is so dear to me, I do want to share it with others. Some others, not all.

Hello again, spring has come. The winter has given us our roads back, and it´s not so brutally cold anymore to bike between Grimerud and Hamar.
Most of last week we worked on the new issue of our magazine for YWAM Norway, and on monday when sew everything together and sent the files to the printer. The magazine should be on people´s doormats in a few weeks.

This time, for the first time in three years, we have not made any children´s pages. After last year´s series with Jonah we had thought to make a new plan for the next series.
I am kind of curious to see if we are going to get any reactions from our readers for not having something for the kids this time.

Spring is also time for tax-returns. it´s the inevitable part of the business, and I don´t like it.

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