Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mixable week 15: Felling Friday

On monday we finished the files for the YWAM magazine, just before dinner time. Tuesday, I worked at Café UNO as always. On wednesday and thursday we had someone visiting us from England, teaching about "the inner man". She talked about our spirit and our heart and many many things, it is bit difficult 

to condense the whole thing into a few sentences. But some of what I understood is that the regular life of normal a christian is not only about being saved and going to church, but also about letting your thoughts, attitudes and choices be changed by spending time together in prayer, worship and  meditating on certain places in the bible. Christianity is not about the people, it´s about God.

To the first post I wanted to add this short video of with the new pope. He is interviewed by the leader of YWAM in Argentina, where they are neighbors. I met the YWAM-guy a few years ago, and he said to me something like: "you have a real vivid talent". I think that´s right.

Just a few times in the year I get to do what I spent three years in school for, chopping down big trees.
On the property, we have a big spruce tree that the farmer wanted to get cut down.
He had already asked me a few weeks ago, but I didn´t have the time

to do it before this friday. It only took half an hour of sawing before the thing was on the ground,
exactly where I wanted it to fall. Whole chunks of log will disappear into our huge furnace next winter,
to heat the buildings here.

I popped the tyre on a borrowed bike on my way to the midnight-service before easter sunday.
Had to buy a new tyre for it. This weekend I got

to help the guy swap out the tyres and patch up the inner-tube. Those good old Dutch bike-repair-skills.

The tree we cut ended up in a pile to the right in the picture.
The big red thing is our furnace, that´s where the logs are going to go.
It´s meant to burn bales of hay, but all kinds of things have disappeared in there.
The snow on top of the woodpile is from the night before,
that´s how much still fell in April.

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