Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixable week 16: JOKER

We had church-bible group again this wednesday. The topic of our little book was from John 10. Here, Jesus says that he is the good shepherd. Those in our group that have cared for sheep, cows or pigs shared their experiences first. I like how this linked "the lesson" to personal experiences. Like good sheep have learned 

to recognize the shepherd, and know him by his voice, many christians worldwide can tell stories of how they have felt and known God´s guidance in their lives. For YWAM (where I work) this is important for how we make decisions. And knowing and recognizing God still comes first. The picture is an adaption of Rembrandt´s famous painting.

The first of the "Russ" of 2013 walked into Café UNO this week, on saturday. In their crisp bright red pants. The two were originally from Kenya, having come to Norway for 13 years ago. One of them remembered me from three years ago. I had drawn them a portrait back then. It was just

to practice. The Norwegian "Russ" wear their russ-pants for almost a whole month (without washing?), in connection with the high school graduation celebration. Since I had drawn his face before, he now asked me to do a full-length tag on his pants that said: "JOKER" in big capitals.

At work, I have been working on some different small projects, some of it I might post about in a few months. After the weekend, we will start working on the next issue of Mot Målet again. The latest issue arrived in the mail only a few days ago. Soon, I can send you a link to the digital version.

This dad has been drawing something on all his kids lunch-bags for the last couple of years.
I really like that idea.

Here´s a picture of the drawing I did on the Russe-pants.

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