Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mixable week 18: The new king

I got to follow the inauguration of the new Dutch king on Norwegian TV on tuesday, together with the four other dutch that live here. My norwegian colleagues were so good as to give me the day off

to watch it on TV. It was formal but quick. I have sat in many church-services that were worse. 
My Dutch friends gave me a package of stroopwafels for the occasion, which I put up for sale down in Café UNO that same evening.
Even abroad, the national day can be exploited to make profits. And our youth-café can really use some more income.

Every year on the first of May, the "russetid" starts. We had the youth café open until 02:00 at night for the russ-people to drop by if they wanted.
It was mostly the church-youth that came, they had been out on the street to give free coffee and waffles to the party-goers.

For more than an hour I had tried to make a nice drawing of the royal family on the palace balcony, but I just couldn´t get their faces right. Here´s a photo of the new king, queen and their three princesses.

On wednesday I was with my biblestudy group again. This time we talked about "The Kingdom of God". The kingdom like a mustard seed and like a sourdough, it starts small but it´s sure to grow. It´s not the gardener or the baker that makes it grow, but they can tend it so it´s in the right condition

to grow well. Much like the resolution I talked about in the first week of this year (that resolution is out of the window).
Someone form Indonesia had made the snacks for the evening, homemade springrolls and pastries.

The other Dutch people here at Grimerud had made Tompouces,
it´s a traditional thing we have on our Dutch national day.

We watched the royal ceremony on the norwegian TV.

I am more sentimental about our monarchy than I would like to admit. At the least, it´s that I like the idea of kings and queens, and a family serving our country for hundreds of years, knowing the governing of the country for such a long time.

I have had lots of time with my friends, and that´s why this post came a day late. I guess no-one is going to be bothered with the delay for longer than a couple of days. Real life goes first, and real life goes on.

At work we are preparing to host a big two-week conference in the beginning of June. The founders of our organization (Loren and Darlene Cunningham) are coming here to share about the core values of YWAM (our organization). I will participate in the conference, together with 200 other people from all over northern europe. It is going to be packed.
This is going to be a great time, I am looking forward to it, even though I don´t really know how it is going to be. I count on being very busy in those weeks, so my entries on my blog will prolly be minimal or delayed.
Then, after the conference we are going to finish the magazine we were planning to have done before the conference.

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