Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mixable week 19: Springsun

After the church-service on sunday a friend came with the idea that we should go longboarding together. And so we did, on tuesday. That sunday, after dinner I biked up the hill to practice a bit. I fell off the board when I tried to tie up my hair while going

to cruise down a slope, and my confidence hit the asphalt.

On tuesday I had come down to the city an hour earlier to skate together with my friend. The sky was blue and the sun was beaming where we were on car-park. At the end of the day, I thought I had even gotten a little browned, but then it showed that my skin also had gotten red itchy spots. Sun-allergy? Again? I have had big big trouble with skin before, I hope it´s going

to be over soon this time.
For now, I make sure I cover up and stay under my bridge.
And try not to scratch.

Having problems with skin again has really put me down, I thought I was over it. I had no symptoms last summer.

I didn´t make time to write something with this one. But the idea behind this post was from an article by John Piper.
He is an introverted paster, and would  prefer to spend time alone studying, rather than to spend time with the people of his church. I recognize that.
My takeaway: Every time I "come up with" something good in my introvert-time, I have to make sure I share it with the group the next time I see them. Even though much of my time-with-God is alone time, I can still share of what I got out of it. And I kind of already do this by making these colorful drawings.

At work, thing are going a bit slow. We postponed the magazine until after the big conference that we are going to have here at Grimerud in the beginning of June. Half of our department will attend the conference, and we got some extra work in addition.
The founder of our organization is going to do a tour through Norway in connection to the conference. Many things need to be done for that tour, and a handful of those things fall on my desk.

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