Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mixable Week 20: Syttende Mai 2013

These are sure signs that spring has come. Six young lambs were born at Grimerud int he week that passed. Five boy-lambs and one girl-lamb. The sheep that got to stay with my neighbor was the last one to give birth.

We celebrated the Norwegian national day. One year short of two-hundred years ago the Norwegians wrote the constitution for their own independent nation. Free from Sweden.
It´s not fair to compare one country´s big day with another country´s big day. Because they are different countries, with their own history and people. Birthday´s are

to be celebrated. Important people get to do their speech, and some make it sound like hotdogs, other make it sound like ice-cream. Hendrik Wergeland has made this day to be a celebration day for children rather than for military parades. Every little village has it´s own children´s parade. And outdoor fun and games afterwards.

Here are some photo´s of one of the newborn lambs (the one with the floppy ears):

With all the church-days and holidays, I had a long weekend. And that was good.

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