Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mixable week 21: Sparrows fall

Since I had to stay out of the sunlight, I was able to take an old project off the shelf. I restarted the flashcards I had made about the "Full Armor of God". For most of the armor-bits I had already drawn an picture on a card. All in viking-style. Prayer is like a lamp that we have

to keep burning. It was really good to study the concepts of what the bits represent. Truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, salvation, faith, the bible and the spirit. I started to listen to podcast about the whole book of Ephesians again.
 Making time for it before I go to work is still difficult. I did start an attempt to memorize bible-verses, by having them from on a note in my pocket. 

We weeded in the flowerbeds this weekend. And as I was digging out the weeds, a little newborn bird dropped in the soil in front of me. It must have fallen out of it´s nest in the raindrain under the roof. It was dead and I threw it in the bushes. The two little boys that helped weeding got

to see it too. It was only much much later that I thought the thing Jesus said about falling sparrows. He uses it to point out that not the smallest thing happens besides God the father´s will.
He sees all us fall and fail and is there to raise up again. And that´s why I am not afraid.

This sunday in church, we sang a Swedish hymn,
and the second verse was about the exact same thing.

Och inte ens ett strå på ängen vissnar bort och inte ens en sparv till marken faller ner,
om inte du har stakat ut när livet börjar och tar slut.
Vart än jag flyr så finns du där, du har mig mycket kär.

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