Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mixable week 22: The week before

This was a week where a lot of projects got finished. In time for the big conference that´s going to start on sunday. I like

to get done with things. For almost half a year our photographer has been working at a booklet with the Foundational Values of YWAM. We rounded up that project and sent the files to the printer.

Still tired from a lot of the design-work, I joined the work-force

to get our place all niced up for the conference coming. Together we pulled weeds, planted flowers, set up two dining tents, and painted the wall of the building I live. 

Down here is a photo of one of the final result of the one of those projects we got to finish. I expect this booklet to be published online soon, I will try and let you once that happens.

From the second to the fifteenth of June, we have the founders of our missions movement visiting, together with many other people that have been involved for a very long time. They are sharing many of the stories and values that have build our missions-movement. It is real encouraging to get to hear these things from them personally.
It has been really helpful for me to hear and see what these values and visions look like in the lives of the different peoples.

The floodings and heavy rainfall have caused much damage in other places in Norway. In the direct area where I live  we have only gotten a couple of extra holes in the road and the streets by the lake are partly underwater.

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