Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mixable week 25: De Luchtfietser

It was international father´s day on sunday. One thing that has been passed down from my dad to me is a love for comics. I had

to think of this when he was skyping me from their vacation in Austria. There he had found an Asterix and Obelix-encyclopedia. At home, he has the complete collection of Dutch Asterix and Obelix comics. So, thanks dad, for passing that down.

To my great surprise and joy, I found out that "they" (someone) are going to keep up making Asterix and Obelix comic books. The first album made by its new creators is going to be launched the day after my birthday.

It´s been a real good thing to find "three things about God" with these two stories that I draw every week. It´s a headache sometimes, but I learn a lot.

This is so typical: I had serious bicycling-abstinence after the two week conference. Two weeks spent between sitting in meetings, and working behind a café-counter was too much time spent under a roof. I won´t say I am claustrophobic, but I need

to get out for a couple of hours per week. Two other things that I just "have to do" if I get then time for it, are reading my bible and making drawings.

Here is a song for all the people that may or may not understand the bicycling-thing. It´s sung in the dialect of where I am from.

Another song that I have enjoyed listening to was "Every Grain of Sand" sung by Amanda Ghost (originally written by Bob Dylan).

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