Friday, June 28, 2013

Mixes with Obelixes

Mixes with Obelixes 1

Mixes with Obelixes 2

Mixes with Obelixes 3

Mixes with Obelixes 4

It´s like a half-time review

Just wanted to show you what the mixes of last week can look like when you mix them with other pages. I don´t show this so much on the blog here. People that are following me on Twitter or Google+ might have gotten to see some more of these already.
You can see all of this year´s illustrations nicely laid out at my Flickr-account.

The combinations can get really weird at times, and that´s the whole fun of it.
It would be cool if I could make a website, where you could click and mix all the pictures yourself. That might be something for the future.

The book that I am drawing these pictures in is almost full, so I´m deciding whether I want buy a same kind of book and follow through on the same idea for the rest of the year, or if I want to start and explore another crazy idea. I feel I´ve gotten to experiment enough with this «mixable»-idea. Secondly, after one and a half year, I´m getting a bit tired of talking about myself all week long.
If there are any regular readers out there, I´d love to hear your opinions.

Enjoy your summer!

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