Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mixable week 29: Where´s your cat at?

It´s vacation time, and many of the people are gone.
But plants still need to be watered and pets need to be fed. Cats, hamsters and gerbils.
Besides the plants indoors, I am also watering our three plum trees outside, they are standing in the full sunlight.
I expect the plums

to be ripe at the end of september. I lost sight of the cat for a few days, but it ended up alright. They´ve got nine lives.

This DTS-magazine is a complex thing to work on. I knew that before it started. I was hoping that someone else was going to take the job this year. I worked pretty much by myself last year, and that was a bad idea. I need someone to talk it over with. One of the hard things is to have the broad overview, and see every individual piece of the whole. Sometimes I can´t figure out where things belong before I´m halfway, so I just have

to get a´movin with this balancing act, and hope that it´s going in the right direction.
I really don´t like it if I have to start over again.

The drawing with the duck and the princess is inspired on the Norwegian folktale "The twelve wild ducks", my favorite.
I´m still working on the next DTS-magazine, and I can´t show you too much of that. It´ll be done in another week or two, that´s the plan.
Besides watering plants, I also get to eat some of the strawberries from the garden-patch. The owner isn´t here these weeks, so I got to "look after them".

Norwegian strawberries

At dawn, he skies over the farm.
I try and make beautiful pictures on a piece of paper,
and this is what I get to see when I come outside.

Enjoy your summer!

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