Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mixable week 30: A vacation visit

I had four friends visiting from the Netherlands this week, they are form my church, and one of them was my old biology-teacher. They kind of knew what I was doing here in Norway, but had never been here to visit me. It´s hard to give people a good picture of what YWAM and DTS are with just words, if you want to do it well. I then mostly tell of what we are doing, and why we do it. They asked me hundreds of questions, and I kept on telling, explaining and showing things. To the point that I didn´t get the time

to finish my dinner. I really liked showing them around Grimerud, and they liked it a lot too. I took off from work while they were with me, and we went swimming  and grilling at Rokosjøen-lake near Løten. There was a bit of thundering in the sky when we got there, but it didn´t start raining before we had packed and drove back.

I drew a bat on this page because one of my visiting friends a a bat-enthousiast. He had his little bat-tracking device with him on their trip, and even at our place he was walking about in the evening to see if he could get a signal.

Often my fingertip are lack with ink, this friday-night they were purple.
It´s blueberry-season. On friday, some friends of mine have been out the whole afternoon to pick two buckets full. 
In the evening, I helped them out to separate the berries from the leaves and sticks. It took us a good number of hours

to get done. In the meantime we watched "The Matrix" and a number of TV-programs after that. The typical thing was that every time a program showed another country, one of us was able to say: "I´ve been there". That´s how YWAM is.
None of us have been inside the matrix though, … it´s not real.

The purplish color on the last painting is done a dye/paint I made from the black currant from our own garden. I really like the splatrish effect of the background. 

We got beautiful hares painted on the doors here,
the paintings are very old, and so are the doors.
This is the door to our dining-hall.

And this white hare is on other door.

These are the last entries of the mixable book, I´ve filled up all of the pages.
I got a new book ready, I am thinking of doing some mixablish still, but I probably not exactly the same thing.

I´m going to get back to work now,

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