Sunday, July 28, 2013

Small signs of appreciation

A bright red firetruck for my nephew (3).
I did only have time to make a little card.

Because my brother and his family were so nice as to send me a whole box-ful of inks, I made them a little painting, postcard-size. Becase of the bright colors of the inks, I chose to make a fire truck, my nephew (3) loves firetrucks, he got two toy trucks for his birthday a few months ago.

For times like these, I have a small stack of blank cards in a drawer, and sometimes and very spontaneously I make a card for special occasions and special people.
But it´s a very random thing, and usually only when i am inspired. Here are three of them.

The thext reads:
A short certificate for a brave attempt
to eat your icecream outside at -20° C you silly

A welcome card for someone who
started working at Grimerud last summer.

Another welcome-card for a good long-time friend
from back when I lived in the north of Norway.

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