Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am keeping busy while I´ve got to wait

These have been exciting and uncertain weeks for me, because I still don´t really know what my workweeks will look like for the rest of the year. The editor for our magazine is on sabbatical and the other designer has started working somewhere else.
I expect to know more by the end of the week. Until then, I´ve got lots more other work to do. Both things that others want me to do, and things that I want to do myself.

Just today, I completed the digital archive of our YWAM-magazine, Mot Målet. The magazine is about everything that is going on in YWAM Norway, the magazine started way back in 1972. I have been archiving a few issues now and then in the last year. But now we are all done.

Before the weekend, we sent a new DTS-magazine to the printer. This magazine is for promotion of all DTS-courses we run at all eight of our locations in Norway. I have been working on the design of this magazine in the last month. It´ll be exciting to see how it will come out in print.

Berry Crazy

In the evenings, I´ve made jam and juice instead of making weekly drawings. At Grimerud we´ve got Black Currant-, Red Currant- and Rasperry-bushes. The jam I made doesn´t yet look like the jam you buy in the store. Actually it just looks like smashed berries. But hey, it tastes good.

Raspberry jam and juice to the left,
Black Currant jam and juice to the right.

Some days I need someone to watch me, so I don´t do stupid things:
After church on sunday, I biked along the lake and saw bushes full of Red Currant berries.
I didn´t have any bags or boxes with me to collect them in,
so I thought could just put them in the pockets of my jacket.
I naively hoped that would go allright, but it didn´t.
Sticky berry-juice started running through my pockets and onto my jeans.

In the end, we got liters of healthy berries stocked away in the freezer, either for baking or for smoothies.

Not sure if the picture is clear enough, but I gave portrait-drawing a go.
This old man is Loren Cunningham, the founder of our missions organization.
Him and his wife were in Norway this summer for a conference. We got to interview him for our magazine.
Coverphoto by Jan Erik

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