Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am taking a blog break

I was hoping to have made up my mind after these last two weeks.
I really like to do daily/weekly illustration projects, on the one hand. It´s a lot of fun.
On the other hand, I´d like to spend more time with my friends. Rather than with a computer and pencils and paint. More time "at home" and less time "at work".

Before the last book ended, I had already bought a new sketch-book, the notes for week 31 and 32 are already scribbled on the first pages of the book. But because there was so much going on in these weeks, I didn´t get to sit down and make the drawings. Neither did I figure out a new idea of what kind of drawings I want to make.

Just this week, we (YWAM-Norway) had our yearly summer-conference at Stavern. It´s always great to meet up other co-workers and sit in on lots of good seminars and workshops. We had beautiful weather, and instead of sitting on the beach, I walked around the town to find a couple of things to sketch.

Speed-painting: Streams of Living Water

As part of one of the worship-sessions, me and someone else speed-painted a big (2,4x1,2 m) painting. In the western world, christian worship has for centuries been just singing and music (and perhaps some moves/dancing). But not everyone prefers this way of expressing themselves. People prefer different learning-styles, and have multiple intelligences.
It was nice for the whole group to be able to have an added visual element to the time of worship. For us two that painted, we also got to engange our bodies more than just waving our hands in the air.

Beforehand we prayed about what we should paint, got the art-supplies and made a sketch of what we wanted it to look like.

When the music started to play, we had our paint and brushes ready. We knew we had half an hour to get done with the whole painting. Both of us were somewhat nervous, as neither of us had done this before.

You can see that the final result of the painting looked a lot different from our sketched picture. And I can tell you, it looks still more different form what I thought it was going to look like. But hey, it was the first time for both of us. It´s a known YWAM-practice, to just take a challenge, do stuff you have never done before, and enjoy that for the glory of God.

Big changes at work

Another reason that I am not going to keep a drawn-diary for the last half of the year, is that lots of things are changing at work.
The editor for our magazine is going on a year-long sabbatical, and right now, we don´t have someone to take over this responsibility. At the same time, our other designer has finished her work here and is going to do an other kind of work at another place.
I´m not worried, but it´s hard say how we are going to be making our magazine in the next months to come. So, I am not going to commit to a personal drawing project right now. Just to be smart.

Well, lots more things going on, but I´ll talk about that later.
I´ll still try to keep posting a little update every wednesday.

From my sketchbook, I´ve been doing some more pencil-skeching lately.
It´s good to keep practicing drawing faces and expressions.

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