Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I "made" a new friend

Every transition and "new chapter", has to be marked and celebrated. I did that today. On tuesday we offically said goodbye to Anita, the other designer here. As a farewell-present we gave her Oscar, our department´s USB-stick. At times when the server was down, or our dropboxes were full, Oscar was our saving angel.

Anita said she had had a really good time working with us, and that this time had prepared her for the job she is on now. She told she has gotten more of a focus on Jesus in the way she works with things.
We are taking this a a big compliment, YWAM doesn´t firstly aim to make people more smarter and skilled, we to give them what they need to build christian character.

Now that our "Oscar-chapter" has closed, I had to start a new one.
The new chapter does not have a name yet, but it does have a face:

I made a new key-chain tag to a new USB-stick, it looks like the old Oscar.
Yes, it´s Animal from the Muppets. The old Oscar was named after a muppet too.

Now, and slowly, I´ve got start a new team-culture.
It´s almost like a new years-resolution.

Here´s how I made the little friend:

Both on saturday and tuesday we had a full house at Café UNO. On the saturday we had arranged a "Back to School"-concert, a real simple concert. One of the kids left us a cheap skate-magazine in the couches. This gave me something to sketch to afterwards.
I´ve got to sketch pretty quick, because suddenly I have to be behind the counter taking orders and making coffee.

Pencil sketching at the café, inking and coloring back at home.
I still want to add some kind of design behind the big guy to the left.
Barely visible to the top left: a 200 year old barn I sketched at the local museum-grounds.

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