Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The mixable book is full, let´s look at it.

I haven´t made any "mixable" pictures of week 31 yet, there was too much to do for work.
This week (32) I will be at our summer-conference for YWAM Norway, which will bring another hiatus in the weekly drawing-parade.
Have a good week yourself, see you in a while.

Favorite pages

Here are twelve of my favorite pages of this book:

In the first months I was figuring out what I could do with this "mixable" idea.
The crane on the skates, and the people working in the vegetable patch,
are the first pages that gave really fun results.
The thing I like most about them is the joy in the picture.

I drew the owl and the girl, because I really didn´t know a fitting picture to that entry.
It became a great picture, because she is looking up, and the owl is looking down.
The same thing goes for the picture with fruit and the blender.
The sheep on the carpet was one of the first pictures where I colored the background.

You can see the quality difference between the first couple of pictures and these.
By this time I have learned how to make something interesting on both halves of the page.
The pictures also get very interesting, when you let them interact with eachother.
The "crab team" is a good example, the big crab is sticking something from the bottom to the top.
The little crab is standing on top of the shell of the big crab.

Faith is not what it looks like

This kind of diary-project is a personal "searching for God" for me. My personal "christian discipline", besides prayer and bible-reading.
One of the things I keep noticing, is that life as a christian is not what you can make it look like for yourself and others. Neither with pictures nor with stories. Christian life is what Jesus already has done for me.
Drawing and writing about your own life can become a very introspective meditative kind of process. It is good to be honest with yourself, with God and with others. Take a regular look at your bible, and at your life, and see how you are doing.
But the real discipline is that I have to "walk it out" in real life, make the change, instead of writing and drawing about it.

And this is what I see of the writers of the bible too. They were people that wrote about how they were faithful and obedient to God´s promises. They were people that tell of how the met and followed Jesus. And many of these people mess up, stumbled and fell. Got up again.
They all died with their hopes yet unfulfilled.
Today, all of their stories keep telling of their God, my God.

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