Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grimerud Info-map 2013

The finished illustrated map over Grimerud.
(We might still change some of the information)

Last week I got finished with the lines for this new map for YWAM Grimerud, today I finished the whole thing. Now we´ve got easy overview of the place I live and work.
I had thought of making this map for years, because it´s fun, and to give visitors a quick overview of the place. We arrange over a dozen events here at Grimerud every year, so this´ll come in handy for those that are new here.

The colored map of on an sheet of A3 paper,
I colored it mostly with color-pencils.

After dinner today, I took a little round around the place and shot some pictures for this blog-post. Stumbled over a little surprise.

The barn to the left and the office-building to the right,
 inbetween you can see a corner of the main-building.

The wheat-fields got harvested just a few days ago.
The big hay-rolls will be burnt in the furnace,
and heat our buildings in the winter.

Here, if you look well, you might something out of place.
Might be a bit difficult if you don´t know what to look for.

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