Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To make is better than not to.

One of the most fun drawings I´ve made in a while.
It would be great fun to do a whole series of these.


I am learning that I´ve got limits, and that I´ve got to take good care of myself if I don´t ask others for help. You remember that you do something that is meaningful for you.
In the last few days, we´ve been preparing for the new issue of our Norwegian YWAM-magazine. Since we haven´t found a new editor for this issue, I´ve been functioning as the an acting-editor. In practice, it looks like this: Sending e-mails, and figuring out how to write even more e-mails.
I can´t take many more days like these, it´s rather exhausting for me to keep thinking and talking about things without actually doing them.
Complaining is all too easy, but i´m learning how to adjust to this new work-situation.

You can imagine that making the drawing above was much fun and fulfilling, that I made a couple more sketches after I finished that one.
During work-time tomorrow, I´m going to make sure I´m going to do a couple of drawings.

I ordered four design-books.
It´s time to studying and learn a couple of new things.

Here´s a look at a project that will soon be finished:
Prayer-cards/Bookmarks for all the people in YWAM-Norway´s network.

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